Electricity Service Demand Curtailment

Many have heard the term rolling blackouts and other such problems associated with the electricity grid. Electric utilities are always trying to find ways to meet the growing demand for electricity. Creation of electricity is not a problem for utilities but having the needed demand ready is what is a constant juggling act. For instance, in Texas large salt domes hold stores of natural gas to meet demand for electricity.

Electricity demand is estimated and calculated for the next year and accounted for each month. The state than works to make sure enough natural gas is in storage to meet the demand for electricity. Maybe an extra 1 or 2 power plants will come online during certain times of day to burn this natural gas and create the needed electricity to supply the demand.

Occasionally during a very hot summer day the state will not guess exactly right and their will be a lack of supply of electricity to meet the demand. Blackouts can occur that shutdown homes and businesses until supply can meet demand.

The Texas government has a program in place to allow large businesses to opt in to a demand curtailment program. You do not have to participate when called on but at least the option is there to make thousands of dollars if your business can shutdown for a few minutes every quarter. In many cases our energy consultants have installed automation equipment and generators so that when a larger industrial facility or business goes offline they still have electricity.

The money paid from the government to these facilities more than offsets the capital investment in the automation retrofits and generators. This type of program represents money on the table to be had and we can help your business in getting enrolled. Let one of our electricity engineering consultants come out to your facility and see how you may be able to participate.

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