Electricity Service Comparison

Electricity Service Comparison

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When using an electricity service comparison chart there can be some initial confusion. Many people are familiar with electricity companies having additional hidden fees and charges in their electricity rates. When visiting a comparison chart that shows several electricity service prices it makes many people ask the question, “Just what else is in the rates?”

Our electricity service chart shows you an ‘all-in” price that includes everything except taxes. Most electricity providers will leave out one or two things that they can get away with to make their electricity prices look better.

Don’t fall for this simple trick. These electricity service companies will have the exact price of their electricity rate including all fees in the fine details of the terms of service and electricity facts label but most people will not spend enough time on those pages to properly research what the electricity rate will really be in the end.

Beyond this issue some electricity companies advertise one electric rate but than charge a different price based on when the customers meter is read and switched to the new company. This practice is a much more disreputable practice as the customer would have had to read the contract find print just to determine this.

Most people would assume that the advertised price would be the price they will be being for electricity service but this isn’t the case in the scenario above.

Fortunately we only work with reputable electricity service providers who do employ these dishonest sales tactics. We go a step further in averaging in all fees and charges except for taxes and make it clear to the energy consumer.

If you still have questions while researching our electricity comparison chart you may call us at 1-800-971-4020 and one of our energy consultants would be glad to explain anything you may be having a hard time with.

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