Pennsylvania Electric Company Shut Off Rules

by jsgs45 on May 3, 2010

When things are a little tight, sometimes you have to pay bills in pieces – a little on this one, a little on that one – until you can catch up. As many are struggling these days, it’s not uncommon. The last thing you need to worry about is if your Pennsylvania electric company is going to shut off your service.

Just so you know, you have rights. Following are the shut-off rules. Your electric company can shut off your electricity if you:

**Fail to pay your bill;

**Don’t follow through on any payment arrangements you’ve set up;

**Fail to pay a required deposit; and

**Prevent the utility company from accessing its equipment on your premises (eg, read your meter).


They can’t just turn it off however. Your Pennsylvania electricity company must do the following before actually turning your service off:

Notify you: They must send you a 10-day written notice. Once you receive the notice, the company has up to 60 days to turn the service off.

Attempt to Contact You: They can do so either once in person or on two different days by phone — three days before your shut-off date. Note: From December 1 through March 31, if your Pennsylvania electricity company fails to reach you at the time of termination, they are required to leave a 48-hour notice on your premises.

To learn more, read the PA Energy Consumer Bill of Rights.

These rules are particularly good to know if you have a prepaid electric service account. Why? Because one of the major complaints Pennsylvania electricity customers have about these plans is that their services have been prematurely cut off.

To prevent having this problem, switch to a conventional electric plan. Even if you have less than perfect credit, traditional PA energy suppliers have low-deposit and no-deposit electric service programs that can help.

Click here to Ask your Pennsylvania electricity representative what your options are.


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