Lancaster Pennsylvania Electric: Smart Meters Are Coming & They Can Help You Save

by jsgs45 on May 3, 2010

Lancaster and Philadelphia Pennsylvania Electricity customers in PA may not have heard of smart meters. But, they are widely used in Texas, another state with a deregulated energy market. They’re coming to the keystone state – and here’s how they’re going to help Lancaster and Philadelphia Pennsylvania electric customers save money on their energy bills.

What are Smart Meters?

In short, smart meters give Lancaster and Phili PA energy users real-time information on exactly how much energy they’re consuming. They will replace currently used analogue meters, which are usually only read one a month by PA electric companies.

2 Ways Smart Meters Will Save Pennsylvania Electric Consumers Money

1. Accuracy: For one, they will greatly reduce the erroneous information due to simple human error. They’ll do this by transferring data electronically to your Lancaster or Philadelphia utility company; and

2. Real Time Usage: Because data is tracked in real time, you pay for actual usage rather than prepaying for estimated usage. 

As previously stated, smart meters are not being used by Pennsylvania electric companies yet, but they’re coming.

With all of the changes in energy service brought on by deregulation, it can be heard to know how to lower costs without affecting service. It’s easy though.

One of the quickest ways is to do some comparison shopping among Lancaster and Philadelphia Pennsylvania electricity suppliers and inquire about the type of plans they offer. Many consumers don’t know it, but energy providers have more plans than ever available to help consumers of all incomes and financial situations.

For example, if you have bad credit and think you only qualify for a high-cost Philadelphia prepaid electric service plan, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn about low-cost options like Consumer Assistance Programs (CAPs).

In general, customers who qualify for CAPs make monthly payments based on their household size and gross income. How much would that save you? Call your Lancaster or Philadelphia Pennsylvania electricity company to learn more.

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