Save 20% on Your Pennsylvania Electric Bill with the Government’s “Cash for Caulking Program

by jsgs45 on April 28, 2010

Remember the government’s “Cash for Clunkers” car buying incentive program? Now there’s a home improvement equivalent – the “Cash for Caulking” program. Never heard of it? You’re probably not alone.

Following is what the “Cash for Caulking” program is and why it can save homeowners up to 20% on their energy bills.

In a nutshell, the “Cash for Caulking” program gives rebates and incentives to homeowners for making energy-efficient improvements to their homes.

The improvements cover a wide variety of projects, everything from installing programmable thermostats, to upgrading heating equipment, to sealing (caulking) air leaks around windows and doors (hence the name, “Cash for Caulking”).

How much of a rebate you’re eligible for depends on the cost and the eligibility of the improvements you make. Currently the way the program is structured, there are tiered levels of rebates – a Silver Star level and a Gold Star level.

Silver Star Level Details: Homeowners can qualify for rebates between $1,000 and $1,500 for energy efficient upgrades like insulation, sealing leaky ducts and replacing things like water heaters and HVAC units, among others.

Gold Star Level Details: Homeowners who make energy-efficient improvements that reduce their energy consumption by at least 20% or more could be eligible for a $3,000 subsidy. For reducing energy use more than 20%, additional rebates are available.

FYI, you may have heard this program referred to as the Energy Star Savings program.

Everyday Energy Savings Are Right at Your Fingertips

You don’t have to “caulk yourself to death” to save on your Pennsylvania electric bill. Savings are as close as your telephone or keyboard.

Simply contact your electricity supplier and ask about the various plans they have that can save you money. For example, if you’re currently using a prepaid electric service plan – stop the madness! These high-cost energy plans may be easy to get – but they cost you so much more (25, 30, or 40% or more than regular electricity plans).

And, this why they’re so easy to get.

Even with a spotty credit history or low income, there are budget friendlier options offered by many traditional Pennsylvania electricity companies. But, the onus is upon you to inquire about them. It’s free to switch to get the savings if you have to – and all it takes is making the call.

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