Texas Electric Consumer Tip: How to Save Energy with Home Window Tinting

by jsgs45 on April 28, 2010


Everyone has heard of window tinting for cars, but not many know that tinting the windows of a house is also possible. If you’re scratching your head wondering why you may want to consider doing this, read on.

Why to Consider Tinting the Windows of Your Home

The sweltering heat of a summer in Texas can feel like the devil’s kitchen. It’s no wonder that it’s a leading state in energy use. And, Texas electric customers really crank up the AC in the summer.

How would you like to block up to 60% of the heat from the sun coming through the windows in your home? Imagine how much that would lower your energy bill.

This is exactly what home improvement experts estimate that window tinting can do. The tint keeps hot air from entering your home. Not only that, it also blocks harmful UV rays, which lead to fading of draperies, carpets and other home furnishings.

Window Tinting Saves on Winter and Summer Electric Bills

The savings from winter tinting is not only limited to the hot summer months. In the winter, tinted windows allow solar heat in – and they keep it in. You can retain up to 60% of your home’s heat during the cold winter months.

Now, how much do you think that will save you on your winter heating bills?

One of the Easiest Ways to Save on Electric in Texas

While home improvements like window tinting can save you money, so can doing a simple check on your energy plan. For example, do you have a prepaid electric service plan? If so, you’re probably paying much more than you need to because these plans almost always cost more than a conventional Texas energy plan.

As Texas electric customers are free to choose their energy supplier, call and ask your representative about no deposit and budget friendly electric plan options you may qualify for. It’s free to switch and you can start seeing the savings on your next Texas electric bill.

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