Pennsylvania Electric Customers: Are You Owed Money for Energy Efficient Improvements?

by jsgs45 on April 23, 2010

Green energy is all the rage these days. And, the federal government is putting its money where its mouth is in this area. One way they’re doing it is by implementing rebate programs for consumers who purchase more energy efficient products for their homes.

Rebate programs like this are funded by a $300 million distribution allowance set aside in the federal stimulus program the current administration passed. These dollars are passed along to state agencies to help persuade residents to invest in more energy efficient options for their homes.

Following is one such program that’s estimated to lower the energy bills for over 30,000 Pennsylvania electric residents.

Rebates for Efficient Heating Oil Equipment for Pennsylvanians

If you use heating oil and you’ve purchased energy efficient boilers, water heaters and/or burners, you may be eligible for an energy rebate.

Why are the rebates limited to heating oil equipment? Because temperature control (ie, heating and cooling a home), make up the bulk of energy use in American households.

How much of a rebate can you qualify for? This depends – it ranges from $200 to $500 for oil boilers and burners. The higher the energy efficiency of the appliance, the larger the rebate is.

Get full details on Pennsylvania energy rebates.

A Quick, Easy Way to Lower Your Pennsylvania Electricity Bill

If you’re not one of the 30,000 residents who will see savings from energy rebates, you can still lower our energy costs. How?

By doing some simple comparison shopping. As Pennsylvania residents are free to choose their electricity provider, if you haven’t done any comparison shopping lately, you could be paying more than you need to, especially if you’re a prepaid electric service plan customer.

Conventional PA electric companies have special programs like no deposit electric service plans for low income and/or credit challenged consumers whose only options in the past were high-cost, prepaid electric service plans. But, if you don’t do some comparison shopping, you won’t get the savings. So call today; it only takes a few minutes.

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