Pennsylvania Electric: Light Your Way to Savings with Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

by jsgs45 on April 16, 2010

Thomas Edison probably had no idea what he started when he invented the light bulb. It’s come a long way baby!  And, as they are in every room in a home, it’s an easy way to eke out even more energy savings. Following are three tips for doing so.

Use CFL Light Bulbs: What are these? CFL is the acronym for compact fluorescent light bulbs. These type of light bulbs use 75 percent less energy than regular light bulbs. And, they produce 90 percent less heat.

Most shoppers will reach for regular light bulbs because they’re cheaper – at least on the surface – than CFL light bulbs. But, they last longer – which means you have to change them less. So, over time, not only are you saving more money, you are doing your part to be kind to the environment as well.

Now, it’s that worth an extra dollar or two? So, the next time you shop for light bulbs, think long term.

User Proper Wattage: Ever light socket has a recommended wattage. Don’t go over this, for it uses more energy, and it can make your bulbs go out sooner, which means you have to replace them more often (which means spending more money, of course).

Use Direct Light: For activities like reading, for example, use lamps that you can turn on, instead of having to turn on an overhead light that will light up the whole room. “Spot” lighting like strategically placed lamps save you money.

Get an Energy Provider Checkup: When was the last time you checked your Pennsylvania electric plan? You have many money-saving options available to you that you may not know about. This is especially true if you have challenged credit and/or a low income. For example, there are low-income assistance plans that alleviate the need to pay a deposit.

If you’re currently on a prepaid electric service plan, you can reduce your monthly electric bill significantly by using a plan like this. But, you must take the initiative and shop around to get the savings you’re entitled to.

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