Electricity Service in Pennsylvania in the PECO utility area

by jsgs45 on May 9, 2011

PECO ElectricElectricity service has typically been something that you had no choice in. In PA you simply called the monopoly electric utility which was often PECO, PPL, or Penelec and ordered your electricity service.

Now that deregulation has proven to lower electricity rates for many energy consumers a weird phenomenon is happening in the PECO electric utility area.

People in the PECO electric utility locations are choosing to not shop and compare electric rates. A large majority of PECO elecricity customers would rather not go through the hassle of changing to a new electric company.

In every state where electric rates have dropped in price due to deregulation people eventually choose to switch away from their monopoly electric utility.

Although Pennsylvania energy consumers in PECO utility have not gotten on board in large part they will eventually.

The question to ask yourself is will you switch to an alternate electric provider in PA now or later?

Here are some questions and answers that may relieve your fears about changing PA electric companies.

  • Who will respond to power outages after I switch electric companies in PA? PECO is still your pole and wires company and will respond to all power outages.
  • Will the electric service differ in quality? No the electricity comes from the same pole and wires and generation facility as it has always.
  • What changes when I switch to a competitive electric rate and company? Your billing changes, the price you pay, as well as customer service.
  • Can I try before I commit to a new PA electric supplier? Yes you can get on a month to month plan and if you are not happy you can switch back to your old provider and pay no penalty.

How do I begin comparing electricity companies in the PECO area and find a cheaper PA electric rate? Use our comparison chart above and begin by typing in your zip code.

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