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by jsgs45 on November 11, 2010

Smart Grid Texas Electricity Solar

Solar System on Texas Home

When discovering ways to save on electricity one of those ways for most people eventually comes out as a question, “Does solar power work?”

I have asked this questions as probably many of you have especialy now that the government seems to be talking about it all the time.

There are even federal government programs and even public utility programs that offer 30% – 50% in subisdies off the cost of a solar panel system installed in a Texas home.

Oncor electric delivery and Centerpoint Energy both offer different programs throughout the year and may times you have to be put on a waiting list.

The federal government also opens and closes solar panel installation programs throughout the year for solar panels to be installed on a Texas homes roof.

So is it worth it? Well from what I understand it is really only worth it if you do a partially off the grid type of system and do not buy deep cycle batteries.

A big part of the cost in a solar system are deep cycle batteries.

Shop and Compare Texas Electricity Service Rates and Plans

The time it takes to recoup your investment in a solar system on a houses roof is about 30 years if you buy the deep cycle batteries to go along with the system.

Your electricity rate in Texas can be fixed at around 11 cents per kilowatt hour for 30 years with this type of system.

Many might say that they pay less than this. I have an answer for you. Sure you signed up at 7 cents per kilowatt hour with some electric company out there but go get your bill and add all the charges up and then divide those charges by the kilowatt hours you used for the month.

I bet in many cases you are paying about the same if not more for your Texas electricity service than this long term 30 year fixed rate using a solar panel system.

I personally would not invest in such a long term investment to have a 30 year fixed electric rate but I would do a smaller hybrid system.

What you can do instead is buy solar panels that install on your roof that can be upgraded by simply plugging in another one as you can afford to do so.

This go solar and grow plan allows for you to try the whole idea out before you are completely sold on the idea of trying to be partially off the Texas electric grid.

I am much more willing to do this than spending $30,000 – $50,000 on the whole shabang. With this type of system you are not required to buy deep cycle batteries but instead can send any electricity generated to the power pole and transformer.

The electric lines act as your battery if you will and actually rotate your electric meter backwards giving you credit for electricity generated that you send back on the pole.

This is the best way to setup a solar panel home system in my opinion and can be done affordably and with a small up front investment.

I call this the go and grow plan for solar. If you are interested in learning more about a company that can setup a starter solar system on your home at an affordbale price as well as see if you qaulify for government and utility subsidy programs please comment below.

If you would like to compare electricity rates in Texas while your at it please use our Texas electricity comparison chart on the top right.

You will need to enter your zip to get started or call us at 1-800-971-4020

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