What do Eddystone and Cromby Mean For Pennsylvania Electricity Consumers?

by jsgs45 on November 10, 2010

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Pennsylvania, Jersey, and Maryland Power Pool also known as the Electric Grid operator for these areas (PJM) is considering retiring a couple of coal powered electric generation facilities.

The reasons attributed to retiring these coal fired power plants is the age of these facilities creating increased maintenance costs, and the temporary price spike with oil and coal commodities.

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Oil, natural gas, and coal continuously face volatility in price almost every year. This is a problem only if there is not a good combination of other energy generation plants in the mix. Because of commodity fuel volatility a complete reliance on coal and natural gas would be a bad strategy. The positives of coal and natural gas is that often times the prices are extremely low and we have abundance of this fuel source in the US.

Eddstone 2 and Cromby 2 are coal power plants that were built between 1954 and 1960. They are in fact very old power plants and were built before things like global warming and global cooling were ever discussed.

If Pennsylvania were to retire these power generation facilities it would make sense to create two more to take their place using updated technologies that allow coal to be burned in a clean manner.

The PJM electric grid understands the priority to hold off on retiring these units just yet as the PJM electric grid is not ready to have other generation facilities take there place because of the demand for electric power coming out of Philadelphia.

If Eddystone and Cromby were to be taken offline today Philadelphia would be without power during high demand periods of the day that Eddystone and Cromby typically are relied upon for.

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Even though coal is more expensive right now it still offers the positive aspect of being in plentiful supply to meet the need for additional capacity at peak demand period of the day for both commercial facilities in PA and residential homes.

It’s not like coal power is needed throughout the day but instead is relied upon for those times that the electric grid would be over capacity otherwise if these plants were not online.

Coal, and natural gas power plants continue to be a needed technology in the mix of other generation facilities like, nuclear, hydro, and wind power because of their ability to meet peak demand periods.

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