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by jsgs45 on November 9, 2010

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TXU Energy is a great electric company in Texas if not the biggest. They are especially helpful with small accounts.

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to large corporations like TXU but they do a good job from my perspective having called and spoken to their customer support on occasion.

Prior to Texas deregulating their electric utility industry back in 2002 they were your only choice in much of the North Texas area including and Dallas and Fort Worth.

I have used them before at an apartment and a house. When Texas deregulated I was one of those that was immediately interested in the price difference between TXU and competing providers.

I first looked at some electric companies I had heard advertise on TV or seen in mail outs.

I became a little lost in the search because the residential rates were not real clear and most did not offer a fixed term electric plan.

These variable prices could go up and down on you and yet you still had to sign a contract.

Someone eventually told me that Gexa Energy was good so without doing that much research I signed up with them.

This was prior to Gexa getting purchased by Florida Power and Light and so they were a much smaller company than.

Now Gexa is owned by one of the largest electric companies in the US and is a healthy competitor to TXU.

Gexa Energy offers fixed electricity rate plans now as well and they have their billing issues in good order compared to when I was a customer of theirs.

Compare Texas Electric Rates

It is now 2010 and you don’t just have to compare TXU and Gexa with each other but can compare over 30 retail energy suppliers.

Many of these Texas energy companies have fixed electric rates and a couple go out as far as 5 years at certain times in the year when those plans are available.

A long term fixed electric rate will usually compare more expensively to a short term fixed rate regardless of the provider you compare with.

The long term price being higher has to do with fuel prices being higher at longer terms on the futures market.

We won’t go much further in explaining why long term fixed rate are more expensive than short term prices right now but the futures market explanation should crystallize the matter for most.

TXU Energy currently only offered fixed rates but are now back to offering both fixed and variable electricity prices. Their radio ads even brag about this fact as an example of price assurance. People can know their price will not change which is a good thing.

Our rate chart offers a selection of variable and fixed rates and is set to default in comparing only fixed rates.

We send you straight to the fixed rate tab when entering in your zip code because of our preference in fixed rates similar to TXU Energy.

Comparing Texas Electricity

You see although people know they are signing up for a variable electric rate when on the variable tab as soon as their rate goes up in price it can be a let down.

The initial low price hook doesn’t remain each and every month while on a variable rate. This issue with variable prices is why we encourage you to sign up for a fixed Texas electricity rate as we suspect is the case for why TXU Energy encourages you to do the same.

So go ahead and use our tool on the top right by entering your zip code. You may also call us at 1-800-971-4020

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