Electricity Service Rates in Dallas and Houston Texas

by jsgs45 on November 9, 2010

Dallas Texas Electricity

Electric Rates in Dallas

In large metro areas of Texas you may assume that due to economies of scale your electricity service rates will be cheaper for both home and business energy.

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It makes sense that a larger more dense population should be able to receive a discount on electric service for piping it in large volumes.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Line losses and congestion often occur because demand for electricity service in places like Houston and Dallas requires for electric power to be sent over miles of electric lines from power generation facilities.

The long travel time on old outdated power grid technology means line losses. Power slowly seeps off these electric lines which causes your electricity rates in Houston and Dallas to be more expensive than in less congested areas.

Especially in Houston Texas you will see this phenomenon of much higher electricity rates than even Dallas.

Moving power over the grid costs money however if more power could be generated nearby major metro areas than the price of electricity would come down.

Over time the ERCOT electric grid in Texas is working on updating their power infrastructure as well as implementing a new way of pricing and turning on and off power generation called the nodal system.

The nodal system is made up of hundreds of nodes also known as pricing points rather than just a few pricing points as we have now.

The hope is that the nodal system will help make Dallas and Houston Texas electricity rates more competitive and cheaper in price.

Dallas right now has decently priced electricity rates compared to Houston but if the nodal system is worked out as intended it should lower prices for electricity service in every city in the state of Texas.

Houston Electricity Rates

Electric Rates in Houston

Right now the nodal system has experienced many hiccups and problems along the way. Lets hope these get figured out so that large cities like Dallas and Houston can experience efficiencies on the Texas power grid that lower prices in these large densely populated areas.

If you would like to compare electricity rates in Dallas or Houston please use our comparison chart on the top right. You may also call us at 1-800-971-4020.

Regarding Programs and Rebates for Energy Efficient Measures

For those in Houston TX, Centerpoint Energy is your TDSP utility company and manages the poles and wires. Centerpoint sometimes have special programs and incentives if you perform energy efficient measures on your home or business. In Dallas TX your TDSP electric utility company is Oncor Electric Delivery who also offers special incentives for things like solar panels. Contact them for more information. This does not even mention government programs that are also often available to further lower the cost of a solar panel install.

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