Texas Electricity Service Rate Plans

by jsgs45 on November 9, 2010

Electric Rate Plans in Texas

Affordable Electricity Plans

When checking on the internet, TV, and newspaper for published rate plans for electricity service pay attention to what we call bundled rates.

Many electricity companies in Texas use a little liberty when publishing ads and convincing customers to sign up for their electricity service.

So if you see an ad that says $68 to start service. Keep in mind this likely isn’t the whole picture. In fact this may be a hook and only enough money to pay for 1 week of electricity.

Once you are hooked in this Texas electricity service company is logging your electric usage after you quickly deplete through that initial start up fee.

Don’t be surprised when you get a bill for $300, remember when you signed up to “start service” for $68 they didn’t tell you what the rate was now did they?

Sure the rate was probably located somewhere in the ad but most energy consumers will see that $68 to start service and pay no attention to the rate.

These type of Texas electricity rate plans many times do not have certain fees and charges bundled into their electricity rate. If you do happen to see the electric rate in the ad it could still be that they have not included TDSP charges, ancillary charges and other fees.

Rather than deal with these types of electric companies which are many times really bad prepaid no deposit electricity companies try comparing electric rates using our comparison chart.

We bundle in charges like TDSP fees into the rates in our chart. We show both variable and fixed electric rate plans.

We also have a staff dedicated to assist both commercial and residential Texas electricity service customers.

If you want to call us instead of using our compare tool you may reach us at 1-800-971-4020

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