Texas Nuclear Site up for Renewal

by jsgs45 on November 5, 2010

South Texas Project

South Texas Project Nuclear Facility

What is known as the South Texas Project Units 1 and 2 near Bay City Texas is up for renewal. For short this Nuclear plant goes by the abbreviation STP (South Texas Project) and has been producing energy on the ERCOT electric grid for 22 years.

What this renewal actually means is something way off in time in most peoples minds. We are talking about renewing the life span of this nuclear plant an extra 20 years from it’s current end date for Units 1 and 2 of August 20 2027 and December 2028.

So the expiration on these Texas nuclear facilities isn’t coming up anytime soon but protocol dictates that the renewal to extend their service life be reviewed now.

There is only so much room in the ocean at a nuclear facility site for on-site spend fuel rods. At this point a part of the renewal will be a determination where any future spent fuel rods will be stored.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering allowing the additional spent storage rods sometime out in the future to be stored at what is known as Yucca Mountain.

Texas Nuclear Spent Fuel Rods

Spent Nuclear Fuel Rod Storage

Although Yucca Mountain is the most frequently talked about solution to store these additional fuel rods it is by no means the settled location as this is constantly up for debate.

Nuclear power created electricity remains the cheapest form of electric power in the state of Texas.

Being able to extend the life of a Texas nuclear power plant will allow Texas energy consumers and commercial businesses to achieve cheap electricity service far out into the future.

There is still always the possibility of a terrorist threat on a nuclear facility as well as a potential Chernobyl meltdown but we have to work hard to make sure enough precautions are taken that nothing like this ever occurs in our beautiful state of Texas.

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