Stream Energy Announced they will be in Pennsylvania

by jsgs45 on November 3, 2010

Stream Energy Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Electricity Service

Stream Energy is one of those unlikely electric companies to now be expanding into other deregulated states.

It is easy to see Stream Energy also known as Ignite Energy as simply a bunch of hype because of their Direct Selling side to them that makes you think of companies like Amway and Mary Kay.

Many professionals in the industry don’t take companies like Stream, Ignite and their competitor Ambit Energy seriously because they are multi-level marketing companies but this simply allows companies like this to easily come in through the back door in new markets.

While larger companies like Reliant, NRG, and TXU create massive advertising campaigns using TV, radio, and billboards Stream Energy can simply allow their direct sales force to begin recruiting in these new deregulated states.

Many believe that for most direct selling does not work within an MLM type of sales structure. The argument is that eventually the organization cannot sustain itself and implodes on itself similar to what happened with Excel Telecommunications back in the 90’s.

Excel was one of those direct selling companies that made it big in the long distance and local phone market. They reached position number 3 or 4 among AT&T, MCI, and Sprint.

Excel eventually sold their direct sales force list to a vitamin company and took all commissions away from their MLM sales force.

Ironically many that were in Excel went over to Stream Ignite and began selling electric service instead. Those who were making $10,000 and more a month with Excel were starting over again from scratch with Ignite Energy.

You see Stream Energy is their corporate brand and identity and Ignite Energy is the brand they use for their MLM side to their business.

Now that Stream is opening up in Pennsylvania you begin to see that they are getting more aggressive like their competitor Ambit Energy which has already entered many of these additional deregulated markets such as, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Maryland.

Pennsylvania represents a very good opportunity for retail electric providers and I imagine this was a strategic move by Ignite/Stream Energy to get into a new deregulated market besides Texas that will really pay off.

There are many manufacturing facilities in the state of Pennsylvania and competition has opened up in a way in this state to make the profit potential comparable to what retail electricity companies have seen in Texas.

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