Electricity Rates in McKinney Texas

by jsgs45 on November 1, 2010

Electric Companies in McKinney Texas

Electric Companies in McKinney Texas

When moving into a new apartment, house or duplex in McKinney Texas you may or may not experience some difficulty when it comes to deposits.

Often times your apartment complex will ask you for a deposit, a rental home landlord will usually want one or two months payments upfront.

If your credit is good you will usually still be asked for a deposit when it comes to rental property. Electricity service is a little different, if your credit is good you may very likely be able to sign up for electricity service in McKinney Texas with no deposit required.

If your credit score is ok like mine is you may still be asked to pay a deposit in the $200 range. If your credit is bad the deposit could be $400 – $700 to get your electric service turned on.

The only other way around getting your McKinney Texas electricity service turned on without having to pay an unsightly deposit is to get it in a parents name or go with a prepaid electric company. If you would like to look into a prepaid electricity company option please call us at 1-800-971-4020.

One of our McKinney Texas energy consultants can help fit you with a prepaid electric provider that offers a standard low cost electric rates without the need to put down a deposit.

Advanced smart meters have allowed for prepaid electric providers in McKinney to offer both cheap rates and no deposit required.

Usually no deposit prepaid options were always considered scams by consumer agencies and websites like Ripoffreport and ConsumerAffairs.

Now with legitimate and accurate smart meter prepaid companies there is no danger of being overcharges by a prepaid electric company with a high markup.

If your credit is good you should be able to sign up for McKinney Texas electric service without having to pay a deposit.

To begin just enter your zip code in the tool box at the top right and click on Compare.

Once you click on compare you will see a list of electric companies in McKinney Texas with their corresponding prices.

We recommend filtering through the fixed prices and look for a fairly long term for at least a year.

By locking in for a year you will pay the same rate all year long and can schedule to shop again for electricity service around the same time next year.

By having a traditional time in the year when you shop for an electric rate you can avoid missing a expiration or renewal notice with your electricity provider and will know to begin shopping again regardless of whether you see a renewal notice in the mail.

If you have any questions about your energy choices in McKinney TX please call us at 1-800-971-4020.

Some of the popular electric providers in McKinney Texas are TXU, Reliant Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Amigo, TriEagle, Champion Energy, Spark Energy, Startex, and Texas Power.

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