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by jsgs45 on October 12, 2010

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I received a new Best Buy RewardZone letter in the mail yesterday and opened it as I normally do to see what my Best Buy points and special offers were.

To my surprise I discovered that Best Buy is now selling electricity service in Texas. They are selling electric service from a retail electric provider in Texas called Energy Plus.

Energy Plus is a licensed REP and their license number is 10172. At this time we do not offer electric service from Energy Plus but we do recommend comparing their electric rate with the rates available using the zip code tool to your top right.

If you would like us to begin offering Energy Plus please call them and let them know and we will look into adding them to our list of electric providers in Texas in our comparison chart.

We do have criteria however that all electric companies in our comparison chart must follow. There cannot be any hidden fees, tricks or gimmicks.

We need a rate plan to offer our customers where we can bundle in all fees and charges which means any tricky electric providers, scams, and con games are not allowed.

If you have had a good customer satisfaction experience, billing and good electric service through Energy Plus please let us know. We are always looking for quality exceptional energy companies in Texas to add to our Texas electric compare chart.

According to the Best Buy advertisement:

  • they currently have a low rate of 9.9 cent per kWh
  • Offer 2500 bonus points through Best Buy after your second month as an Energy Plus customer. That’s $50 in reward certificates.
  • 2 points for every $1 you spend on the Energy Plus portion of your electric bill.
  • Risk free – once you sign up, there are no hidden fees nor a long term commitment required.
  • The option to “go green” – choose to support 100% wind power

According to the advertisement I received from Best Buy I can enroll with Energy Plus all online at for a limited time.

This was an official letter sent out by Best Buy from Paul Frantz Chief Marketing Officer of Energy Plus.

Did other people in Texas receive a similar Best Buy Offer code for Energy Plus? My offer code said BBY-5504-065

If you do decide to sign up with Energy Plus they say in the letter that you will need a copy of your current Texas electric bill. You will also need to confirm your Reward Zone member ID which should be written on the letter you received.

You than simply need to enroll and order electric service online.

Energy Plus states in the Best Buy literature in answer to the question: “Does Energy Plus offer a fixed rate product?”

“Energy Plus offers a market-rate product, which means we buy electricity every day on the open market and use that price to set our rate. Your rate can vary each month based on the market rate and other factors. We believe that we can compete with other electricity suppliers in your area.”

In answer to the question: “Why should I choose a variable rate plan?” Energy Plus states in the sales literature from Best Buy,

“With our month-to-month plan you are not locked into a contract. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of market rates. Plus, there is no monthly service charge or cancellation fee.”

In answer to the question, “Who is Energy Plus” they state in the Best Buy promotion literature,

“Energy Plus is one of the fastest growing energy retailers and supplies millions of kilowatt hours of electricity to thousands of customers across New York, Texas, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.”

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mike seeler December 20, 2010 at 3:11 am

I recieved a letter from you, the offer code is BBy-0287-035. My letter stated there is a 5000 bonus pts,2 pts for every $1 spent on electricity and monthly savings up to 9.75%onthe delivery part of bill. I didn’t see this anywhere on your website. I am interested in enrolling with these benefits. Please get back to me, thank you , mike seeler

admin February 9, 2011 at 8:31 pm


We are not Energy Plus and if you wish to speak with them just search for Energy Plus on a search engine like google and visit their website.

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