Plano TX Electricity Service Comparison

by jsgs45 on August 10, 2010

Plano TX Electricity Service Companies Plano TX Electricity Service Companies

In Plano TX someone relocating to this city may not know that there are over 30 different retail electricity providers available to choose for your home or commercial electricity service.

It is a little confusing as the first question I and many have asked is, “Doesn’t electricity all come from the same place?” The answer is yes although retail electricity companies are basically separate divisions set a part by the government in a process known as deregulation.

These REP’s simply hedge power on the commodities fuel markets in paper transactions. They than come up with different fixed electricity service rate products based on what they think Plano Texas electricity service customers will need. So you will see one electric company may have a very good 6 month fixed rate because they hedged energy well for this term. Another electricity provider will have a really good 24 month fixed rate because they hedged this time frame better.

These REP’s in Plano also manage the whole billing, and customer service aspect of the electricity business. This means that between the hedging, and customer service, paper billing aspects of the business REP’s actually have a pretty good stake in the retail side of things. Lets not forget that these REP’s don’t simply hedge this energy but they buy it as well.

It requires a lot of capital on hand to both buy and hedge energy. These Plano electricity companies sell their energy with a thin margin on top so if they did not hedge correctly by trading in the commodities market they go belly up quite easily. This is why it is important to pick a strong reputable electricity company in the Plano Texas market.

Our Plano Texas electricity service comparison chart compares what we consider to be reputable solid electricity companies in Plano that sell both residential and commercial electricity service. We have bundled in all fees and charges into the rate except for taxes to allow you to accurately compare multiple electric companies in Plano in order to find the best rate.

Cell Phone Energy Efficiency Steps

Cell phones have become almost essential to everyday life and keeping a full charge is important.  But, a cell phone charger will continue to draw energy even when your phone isn’t connected to it, driving your energy bill higher than necessary.  Use your charger only for as long as you need to and unplug it from the wall when your battery is full to save energy.

This tip is one of the many things you can do to lower your electric bill each month.  Another great thing you can do is to get a cheaper rate altogether.  Don’t laugh; it is possible!  Let ElectricRates show you the way to a lower Plano, Texas electric bill with our simple and free online comparison tool.

Give us the tiniest bit of information and we will return great rewards.  Enter your Plano, Texas zip code and the type of service you seek.  Then watch in amazement as ElectricityBid generates a list of every electricity service provider in the Plano, Texas area complete with the current rates of each company.  Select the cheapest service from the list and order right online.

If you still have questions, or just feel better speaking to someone, you are always welcome to call one of our energy consultants.  Use the 800 number above for a toll free call and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.  Saving money on electricity service is easier now than it ever has been with ElectricityBid here to help.

Plano Balloon Festival and Energy Efficiency


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