How To Order Texas Electricity Service Online

by jsgs45 on August 3, 2010

In Texas it is very easy to shop, compare, and order electricity service online. Texas is considered the benchmark state for deregulating their electricity market right.

Several states have looked to Texas when needing assistance in deregulating their electricity market. In some cases failed attempts at deregulation in other states have caused these states to try again using the Texas model.

Texas is a Good State To Be In For Shopping for Texas Electricity Service

Texas obviously did something right and because of this we have over 30 Texas electricity service companies offering deals, special plans, fixed and variable prices to Texas electricity consumers.

Not all of these 30 Texas retail electricity providers are worth using. Some will even go so far as to intentionally hide fees and charges from their advertised electric rate.

These disreputable electricity providers attempt to use current rules and regulations established by the PUCT to get away with as many bad unethical business practices as possible.

The PUCT of Texas Can Hep You If You Were Scammed By A Retail Electric Provider

The Texas PUCT is not the enemy or the corrupt one but bad electricity companies in Texas have lawyers scavenge through the laws for any competitive advantage over other Texas electric companies no matter the unethical nature of it.

Fortunately for the energy consumer if it can be determined that a Texas electric company was intentionally trying to hide something from their advertised electric rate the consumer will generally be ruled in favor of.

Prepaid Electricity Companies Are Notorious For Scamming Their Customers

It is important to contact the PUCT if you have been scammed by prepaid electric companies or those no deposit electric companies that only ask you for $99 to start service.

The prepaid electricity providers in Texas have been notorious for doing some things to disguise what the electric service consumer will eventually be paying.

Hiding Fees and Charges in Electric Rate Tricks Low Income Customers

Low income stores like rent to own type places and prepaid electric companies are making an absolute fortune right now because even in a down economy low income customers will always rent TV’s and pay double for their electric service to avoid credit checks, deposits, etc.

The best way to avoid hidden fees and charges as well as other disreputable tactics by dishonest sales people is to use our online comparison chart.

We average in all fees and charges including TDSP charges into the electricity service rates in our chart.

You can compare among several electric providers, rates and plans and make a clear decision on who has the cheapest rate.

Ordering Texas and Pennsylvania Electricity Service Online Is Easy Using This Site

You can order your electric service online and even choose your switch date. A credit check will be run but if a deposit is required that you cannot afford you can simply go down through the list until you find a deposit you can afford to pay.

If you are one of the lucky ones with an ok credit score you may find that you are able to sign up at a very cheap electricity rate and are also able to completely avoid a deposit.

If you have questions about any of this please fill free to give us a call at 1-800-971-4020.

One of our Texas energy consultants would be glad to go over the electricity service rates in our comparison chart.

We serve Texas and Pennsylvania electricity customers for both commercial and residential electricity service needs.

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