Texas Electric Consumer Tip: The Advantages of Saving Up to Pay an Electricity Deposit

by jsgs45 on May 26, 2010

When many residents don’t qualify for traditional electricity service accounts, they go the prepaid electric service route. This simply prolongs the agony of paying super high energy bills – especially now that the hot summer months are here.

Following are two advantages of saving up to pay a deposit to open an account with a traditional Texas electric company.


Evergreen Need: There will never come a time when you don’t need electricity. And, by saving up to pay a deposit, you qualify for some of the lowest Texas electric rates around.

So for example, if you have to pay a $200 deposit and you’re paying on average of $30-$40 per month more for energy on a prepaid electric service account (which is very possible), you can make your deposit back in 5-7 months.

Build Good Credit: No deposit electricity companies target credit-challenged consumers. By paying a deposit and opening up a traditional electric account, you can get back on the road to restoring your good credit. And, having good credit saves you money on everything from car loans to home loans.

Now that you know two of the most important benefits of saving up to pay an electricity deposit, it’s time to shop for a company that provides the best service. Following is a tip for doing just that.

There are many no deposit electricity suppliers in the competitive Texas energy market. And, many have come and gone. Traditional Texas electric companies that have been around for a while can be depended on to provide reliable service and to save you money.

For example, take the LITE-UP Texas Program. It gives consumers savings on their electric bills five months out of the year. It’s but one example of the type of service you can count on from a reputable, stable energy supplier.

Contact your Texas electricity company and ask about this program and others like it you may qualify for.


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