Pennsylvania Electric: Consumer Tips for Weatherstripping Exterior Doors

by jsgs45 on May 26, 2010

The opening and closing of exterior doors of a home contributes significantly to air leakage. And of course, air leakage means higher energy bills. One easy way to get those savings back is to weatherstrip your home’s exterior doors.

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Following are some tips to keep in mind to do it right – so you save the most.

Measure Right: There’s an old saying in the garment sewing and construction trades that goes, “Measure twice; cut once.” Before you cut any weatherstripping, make sure you’ve properly measured the space around your doors.

A good rule of thumb to follow to find out just how much weatherstripping you need is to add 5-10 percent more to your measures to account for any waste.

Clean: Any surface you apply weatherstripping to should be clean and dry.

Temperature: Weatherstripping is best applied in temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tight Fit: All applied weatherstripping should fit snugly against all surfaces. You’ll know this is done right if the material compresses when the door is shut.

Seal in Extra Energy Savings

Now that you’ve stopped the air from leaking out of your home via its exterior doors, it’s time to seal in some extra savings by choosing the right Texas electric service plan. By choosing the wrong plan, you can literally be wasting the savings you gain from making energy efficient home improvements like weatherstripping.

One of the easiest ways to save on your Texas energy bill is to get savings electric companies freely give out, eg, the LITE-UP Texas program. Consumers who sign up for this program receive a discount on their energy bills during the months of May through September.

If you’re currently on a non-conventional electric plan (eg, a prepaid service plan), call your Texas electricity supplier and ask about this program and others like it.

Traditional Texas energy companies offer a plethora of programs that save consumers a lot more money than non-traditional options like prepaid electric service plans – but you can’t get the savings if you don’t take the initiative to ask what your options are.

Did you know the Pennsylvania electric utility area of PPL Electric Utilities is open to choice and competition among electric companies.

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