Evaporating Coolers: An Energy Efficient, Money-Saving Option for Cooling Your Home

by jsgs45 on May 20, 2010

Evaporative coolers (aka swamp coolers) use the evaporation of water to cool your home. It is ideal for hot, arid climates like Texas.

2 Ways Evaporative Coolers Save You Money

Installation: You start saving as soon as you decide to install a swamp cooler in your home because it costs approximately 50% less to put one in your home as it does to install central air conditioning.

Electricity Use: Evaporative coolers use roughly 75 percent less electricity than air conditioning.

As you can see, these savings can really add up, especially if you’re on a prepaid electric service plan.

How Swamp Coolers Work to Cool Your Home

These coolers are constructed with a unit that blows air on to wet pads. The cooling effect can be felt when the air flows over these pads. Then, that cool air is pumped through vents and transferred into your home.

While some of the more expensive units use some degree of refrigeration, conventional evaporation coolers run only on air evaporation and condensation.

Note: You may be eligible for energy tax rebates for installing this kind of cooling system.

Texas Electric Customers: Don’t Let Your Energy Savings Evaporate

When choosing your Texas electric plan, make the smart choice by choosing low-deposit and /or no-deposit electric service plans.

These are lower-cost options than the previously mentioned prepaid electric service plans, which can cost anywhere from 15 to 40% or more than a conventional plan.

“But, you may be thinking, “my credit is not the best. What if I have to pay a deposit?”

Energy experts advise saving up to pay a deposit if you have to. By doing so, you qualify for the same low rates and energy plans those with good credit enjoy. For example, the LITE-UP Texas Program has helped out a friend of mine in the Harker Heights Texas area. This program gives consumers a discount on their Texas electric bill during the months of May through September.

Call your Texas electricity company representative and ask about the details of low-deposit and no-deposit electric service plans like this that you may qualify for. Call 1-800-971-4020

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