Texas Electric: How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

by jsgs45 on May 7, 2010


The heat of Texas summers are just around the corner, which means that you may be in the market for a new air conditioner. Following are some things to consider to get the most energy-efficient model for your home and save on your Texas electric bill.

Shopping for an Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Look for to Get the Most Savings

Check the Rating: Any AC unit you buy should have a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of at least 13. Why? Because manufacturers are mandated by law to only sell units with a certain SEER. This ensures that you’re getting the most up-to-date unit according to manufacturer guidelines.

FYI, SEERs between 14.5 and 17 are considered to be in the mid-range efficiently level; units with a SEER above 17 are considered highly efficient.

Newer is Better: Even if you currently have an AC unit, you may want to purchase a new one because  air conditioners have come a long way in the last few decades. One with even the lowest efficiency rating can cut your energy bill in half. An in the hot heat of Texas, that can add up to quite a bit. 


Bigger is Not Always Better: In Texas, bigger tends to be better. But, this is not true in the case of ACs because it’s supposed to keep a specified area cool, while at the same time dehumidifying the air. If your AC unit is too large, it will automatically shut off before it has a chance to dehumidify the air.

Hence, it’s important to select a unit based on the size of the area it’s supposed to cool – not because it’s the biggest. As an example, a 1,000-square-foot area requires a unit with approximately 19,500 BTUs. Consult a BTU chart to figure out exactly which size is right for your home.

Save More When You Use Your AC This Summer

When you turn on your AC, you’re being billed per kilowatt hour (kWh) by your Texas electricity provider. And, if you’re on a prepaid electric service plan, you may be paying up to 40% more than your neighbor, who’s on a conventional plan.

The easiest way to save when you turn on your AC this summer is to switch to a more economical Texas electric program.

One of the low-cost options offered by conventional Texas electric companies is the Texas LITE-UP program. It gives qualified consumers a discount on their electric bill during five of the hottest months of the year in Texas (May through September).

Tip of the day: Don’t go with a no name Texas electricity company that you have no research on. Use our prescreened Texas electricity companies that we have reviewed and list on our electricity comparison chart.

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