Texas Electric & Deregulation: What Has Not Changed in the Texas Energy Sector

by jsgs45 on May 5, 2010

With the deregulation of the Texas energy market, a lot of changes have came down the pike, ie, new electricity companies, various electric service plans and improved customer service.

While change can be good, what is not addressed too often is what has remained the same in the Texas electric market. Here, we take a look at the main thing – for which “no change” has been a good thing.

Texas Electricity: Why Stability in Electric Transmission and Distribution Is a Good Thing

While you are free to choose which company you buy electricity from, the one thing that has remained the same is how your electricity is transmitted and distributed.

Electricity in Texas is delivered via what’s known in the industry as a “local wires company.” This company maintains the electric poles and wires you see. They also respond to any service interruptions you may have.

And, all of this is overseen by the Public Utility Commission, which is a governing body that regulates the rates and services of a public utility; in this case, electricity.

Which Changes Have You Made

Now that you know what has – and hasn’t – changed in the Texas electricity market, which changes have you made?

Have you switched Texas electricity providers? Are you thinking about switching? Have you done your research to find out the best energy plan for your budget?

As mentioned above, various electric plans have been introduced to help consumers save on their Texas electric bills, eg, the Texas LITE-UP Program. It’s a no-deposit electric service plan that saves qualifying consumers money on their energy bills five months out of the year (May through September).

If you’re currently on a budget-busting prepaid electric service plan, you could be paying much more than you need to. Call your Texas electricity company rep to find out the details of the Texas LITE-UP Program – and others like it that can help you save money.

If you are currently using a pay as you go electric company in Texas that seems to be taking you for every thing your worth than consider the possibility that they may be cramming in charges illegally.

Be sure to examine your electric bill for anything fishy and ask a Texas energy consultant to check it out for you. Alternatively you can also bring a formal complaint to the Texas Public Utility Commission if your feel a Texas electricity company is scamming you.


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